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Eggcase Monitorings Worldwide

Have you found an eggcase elsewhere? Use the map to explore other projects around the world by zooming into your area of interest and clicking onto the blue fields to get more information on active projects near you!


We strongly recommend to visit these websites and to have a close look at the information and resources they provide.

Tree of Life


The tree of life allows you to explore cartilagenous fishes' taxonomy in a fun web application. 




Ocearch is a great online tool to track the movements of sharks worldwide. 




The South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity is one of the major marine and freshwater research institutes in the country. 


Biodiversity Explorer


Together with leading scientists, the Iziko Museums of Cape Town compiled a fantastic and very helpful guide to Southern African cartilaginous fish species. If you're not sure what you have found, this is the place to check!




As another citizen science project, iNaturalist is a great place to share your finds - especially if it's something rather unusual or if you need help with the identification.

Other Projects that are run by ELMO Team Members



Oceanológico aims to foster ocean literacy through meaningful nature experiences, such as snorkelling and skin diving experiences on the Canarian island La Palma. The organisation manages and contributes to various research projects in the fields of environmental pollution, marine biodiversity and human-ocean relationships. Oceanológico is owned and managed by ELMO founder Lisa Schroeter.



Brush Paper Pixel


Scientific illustrations using manual and digital methods. Brush Paper Pixel is run by scientist and artist Lena Freund, who has also created many of the illustrations used in ELMO's educational resources.



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